Image of the Week: Making an Inclusive Tomorrow – World Down Syndrome Congress 2015


Earlier this year, we were proud to work with Down Syndrome International (DSi) on the management and marketing of the 12th World Down Syndrome Congress, held in Chennai, India.

The event’s objective was to create a knowledge and experience sharing platform to benefit individuals with Down Syndrome and their extended support system.

Making noise on social media 

MCI also worked with organisers on a digital strategy to excite attendees and create a buzz around the event and its key messages. This included a ‘Different but Same – Odd Socks Day’ campaign to celebrate the extraordinary lives of people with Down Syndrome and the challenges they face in acceptance of their differences.

Over the course of the congress, the event’s official hashtag #WDSC2015 reached over 1.5 million people, with over 3,000  engagements and almost 2,000 posts.

Bollywood dancing & inspiring activities

Fun activities were planned for both adults and children with Down Syndrome, including a Bollywood dance along (main picture) and a concert from ‘Emotions 21’ – an inspiring band whose members all have Down Syndrome.


WDS_blogOver 500 delegates from 37 countries

With over 500 national and international delegates representing 37 countries, the congress saw interactive scientific and social programmes consisting of keynote addresses, panel discussions and workshops catering to the needs of all delegates – including health, educational, and research practitioners, policy makers, families and most importantly, individuals with Down Syndrome.

Delegates praised the conference, noting it was significant and enriching in the manner in which awareness was created.


Find out more

To learn more about this event, or to discuss how we can build awareness for your health association and its mission, contact us on


The European Pharma Code and Its Impact on Global Medical Meetings

INCON Expert Article explores changes to the Global Medical Meetings Industry

Simon Dufaur, MCI Global Director, Healthcare and Life Science, has authored an Expert Article for INCON, the global partnership of the world’s leading conference and event companies, on how the new European Disclosure Code will impact global medical meetings.

Read this article to discover more about the following top five “need-to-knows’ for medical meeting planners:

  1. What specific references are made to meetings and events in the disclosure code?
  2. ​How will the code impact the attendance of European Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) at medical events?
  3. ​How can planners ensure that their meetings are eligible for HCP sponsorship?
  4. ​How should healthcare associations adapt?
  5. ​Will the code create any new business opportunities?

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A ‘Mindful’ Journey – Wisdom 2.0 Asia

From June 18 to 19 in Suntec City, Singapore, business leaders from across Asia-Pacific will attend Wisdom 2.0 Asia: Leadership in Business & Society to explore innovative, mindful and inspiring leadership in the digital age.

Now why am I speaking about this on the MCI blog?

Because this is the story of my personal journey to ‘mindfulness’ – an inward looking journey of the last 8 years which now is beautifully looking outwards in my daily life: family, friends and of course work.  All of the dots are beginning to connect….

Why mindfulness?

Why one should pursue the road to mindfulness is a separate long discussion- one that may require several blog posts!

But how I see and have understood mindfulness in my personal journey  is as the ‘work out for the mind’ which then opens the doors to wisdom (taking decisions wisely and not simply reacting) , courage (to act on that wisdom without doubts or fear) and compassion (becoming aware and sensitive to the world around us and feeling what others around you may be feeling).

Sounds easy enough? Well for me it required the seeking spirit, a good mentor and guide and lots of discipline.

While I was on this seeking expedition, I mystically encountered Wisdom 2.0 – a global conference which beautifully merged the world of mindfulness in the corporate context.   It was fate: I had to learn more !

What followed was three years of chasing to bring ‘Wisdom 2.0’  to Asia. And now finally it is here with amazing friends and co chairs : Soren Gordhamer ( Founder of Wisdom 2.0) and  Chade Meng Tan (Jolly Good fellow @ Google,  Co-Chair of One Billion Acts of Peace, which has been nominated 7 times for the Nobel Peace Prize). Definitely mystical!

This event means so much to me not only because it’s the first event of its kind to take place in Asia , but because it represents a key milestone in my continuing journey to bring mindfulness into my own personal and professional life, and the lives of my family, friends and colleagues.

And of course, MCI is delivering the full event management!

Wisdom 2.0

The event effectively addresses the great challenge of our age: to not only live connected to one another through technology, but to do so in ways that are beneficial to our own well-being, effective in our work, and useful to the world.

An audience of over 500 will discover our great line up of speakers – some amazing pioneers and corporate leaders who have done some incredible work and research in this field. Clearly we are building our seeking tribe in Asia too!

I’m delighted that Wisdom 2.0 Asia has finally arrived, and that we’ve created a truly engaging and regionally-relevant programme.

I’m looking forward to welcoming a whole host of corporate leaders, executives, life coaches  and even Singapore’s minister of education in a couple of weeks time – and to celebrating a great professional triumph and a key milestone in my personal journey towards mindful leadership.

The journey it seems has just begun……

Visit and join the conversation on Twitter at #Wisdom2Asia to start your own journey towards mindful, effective and compassionate leadership.

MCI India Wins Gold at WOW Awards Asia for Conference of the Year, SAP TechEd 2015


Last week, MCI India picked up the coveted Conference of the Year Gold Award from WOW Awards Asia for its work on SAP TechEd 2015, an innovative three-day conference that involved a 35-member strong MCI team, a show floor area of 67,500 sq. ft., and over 14,000 delegates, representing more than 200 organisations.


About WOW

The WOW Awards were instituted by EVENTFAQS Media in 2008 to recognise excellence in events and experiential marketing. Over 6 editions, the platform has grown to become a celebration of innovation, evolution and unique initiatives beyond the awards as well.

WOW Awards Asia recognises the best campaigns from across the continent and this time had entries from all over Asia, with over 1,088 applications across more than 50 categories.

Find out more here: 

The Low-Down on Last Night’s FIBA U19 World Championship Draws Ceremony

On Thursday, MCI helped FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, to successfully deliver the first official draws to take place at its state-of-the-art headquarters, the hand-shaped ‘House of Basketball’ located in Mies, Switzerland.

Responsible for stage design and set-up, all AV and technical production and live streaming, MCI’s seamless solutions meant that the FIBA organisers were free to focus on the important issues: who’s playing who?

Official draw results were as follows: 

2015 FIBA U19 World Championship – to be played in Heraklion, Greece from 27 June to 5 July.

Group A: 1. Croatia; 2. Iran; 3. USA; 4. Egypt.
Group B: 1. Argentina; 2. Spain; 3. China; 4. Turkey.
Group C: 1. Canada; 2. Italy; 3. Tunisia; 4. Australia.
Group D: 1. Dominican Republic; 2. Korea; 3. Greece; 4. Serbia.

2015 FIBA U19 Women’s World Championship – to be played in Chekhov, Russia from 18-26 July.

Group A: 1. Netherlands; 2. Russia; 3. ? Asia*; 4. Argentina.
Group B: 1. China; 2. Spain; 3. USA; 4. Egypt.
Group C: 1. Canada; 2. Belgium; 3. France; 4. Mali.
Group D: 1. Korea; 2. Australia; 3. Serbia; 4. Brazil
*A third team from Asia will be announced at a later stage to complete the field.

Players, federations, FIBA officials and VIPs all had a great time, with many making note of the great venue.

– Barbara Martins-Nio, Email Sports Business Unit Director, MCI Group