The current status of Green Meetings

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Recently, MCI got awarded the prestigious IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014. This awards is another recognition of the fact that MCI is pushing the bar in sustainability in the MICE Industry. It was particularly special to receive the award for the Responsible Business Forum, organised in Singapore, as sustainable events are still quite a challenge to organise.

In this light, Roger Simons was asked by Mix Magazine, part of Business Traveller Asia Pacific, to share his views on sustainability in the MICE business sector. Please find the interview below;

  • Do many companies now seek to ensure that their meetings and events are conducted in a more environmentally sustainable fashion?
    Roger Simons;
    MCI is finding an increasing number of clients are seeing both their business travel and their events as a key contributor to environmental impact. Many companies are looking to develop strategies dealing with this whilst reaching out to a more conscious…

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Individual or team-based: Which rewards are better?

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Article - 2 June pictureCompanies implementing recognition programs to acknowledge employees’ strong performances may have wondered whether it is better to reward individuals or on team-based basis. Both strategies have their pros and cons, and a mixture of both may be an effective way of boosting performance in your workplace.

Team-based rewards
Rewards based on team performance are often used when teamwork is essential to a particular task or area of business. In teams where each member is involved in delivering the final product, a group-based reward may be offered to encourage individual members to work together and spur each other on to perform at higher levels.  When employees feel the pressure of a team of people relying on their work to achieve a reward, they may be compelled to work harder and communicate more effectively to reach these goals. However, particularly driven team members determined to achieve the prize may find themselves taking…

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Is Ebola your biggest Sustainability Risk?

Less Conversation More Action

Having immediately stepped off a plane this morning into a new screening system in Singapor10641018_10152546173614221_5995556142510740921_ne I can confirm that the Ebola panic is well underway. As of the 14th October the virus has so far killed over 4,000 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Read the latest from the World Health Organisation here.

The once safe bastions of developed nations feel under threat, there are calls to cease flights from disaster struck countries and now airports the world-over are desperately rushing to set up screening stations. The problem is the virus has a long “asymptomatic” period, ie it usually takes five to seven days to show symptoms but can take up to 21 days. We can therefore debate the effectiveness of said screening stations. Sadly we’ve also known about Ebola since the 1970’s but never bothered to invest fully in an antiviral or…

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The Changing Nature of Sponsorship

The constant metamorphosis of the nature of sponsorship is providing not only challenges but also opportunities to the modern professional congress organizers. In order to keep up with the changes affecting sponsorship, congress organizers should let go of the traditional approach to #sponsorship and adopt the new mantras of customization, partnerships, technology and the digital era.

The article gives in-depth insights on how the new mantras of sponsorship will open new avenues to the congress organizers driving excellence during the event and also lending itself valuable beyond the life cycle of the event.

A combined international team from INCON Partner companies compiled this article following the INCON Annual University held in Melbourne Australia, February 2014. MCI’s global talents Rebecca Schepers, MCI Australia & Dominique Liu, MCI Shanghai contributed to this article …Read full article here.

Visit to know how #MCIIndia can drive your conference or event and help you grow globally, energize organisational performance & deliver operational excellence. #Sponsorship #Thoughtleadership

The MCI Story

In an ever evolving marketplace where competition can commoditize even the most niche offering, it takes great commitment to deliver value and continue to do so in a sustainable manner. That reflects leadership. This remains the buzzword at MCI when we speak of assisting multinational companies and international associations to enhance organisational performance, grow globally, energise communities and drive business results.

The MCI story of over 25 years reflects leadership born out of positive engagement. A stupendous journey of evolving service delivery, which reflects a hallmark of excellence, has rendered a fledgling organization into a nimble force. Today we are 1600 experts across 57 cities and 30 countries spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, partnering with clients to unlock their potential and deliver change.

MCI India’s is a journey, of reflection and excellence, through innovation, with the zeal to fulfill customer expectations in order to create delight, using our global expertise and local connections. We believe that best way to ensure that our future happens is to create it. View our Painted Picture for 2015 to know what we’re talking about.

MCI is Living by Growth. MCI is Responsible Business in Action. MCI is Believing in People.