Following impressive applications from offices around the world, MCI India clinched the 2014 MCI Leadership in Sustainability Award.

 MCI India emerged as the clear winner for the year for demonstrating exceptional commitment and enthusiasm in integrating sustainability across its four offices. With clear support from the MCI talent and local management, the sustainability team created and implemented a holistic sustainability approach across all aspects of its operations and business development, including:

Each talent dedicated over 10 hours towards community service activities

  • The offices supported 25 different community projects across India
  • 7 client events featured strategic sustainable event planning provided by the team
  • All sales staff and 50% of operations talents were trained to hold sustainability dialogues with clients
  • 100% of events were assessed using the Event Safety and Sustainability Tool (ESST)

The judges were particularly impressed by a blood donation drive organised by MCI Delhi, where 45 talents engaged with over 2000 people in the MCI building complex  to spread awareness and remove myths related to blood donation.. Onboard a blood donation bus, they successfully collected a large volume of blood, going on to save the lives of 260 poor patients to whom the blood would be provided free of charge. It is heart-warming to note that they were able to make a difference in the life of a 3 year old child urgently in need of blood for an open heart surgery.

Blood Donation2

MCI India also took part in The Ugly Indian (TUI) initiative, getting into action to clean and transform public areas in the city into clean spaces which they can be proud of.

Ugly Indian

Particular attention was given to introduce sustainability in event operations leading to successes like 12 tonnes of waste diverted from landfills during a congress and feeding 600 homeless people by utilizing the excess food from another international conference.


Guy Bigwood, Group Sustainability Director, MCI shared: “It is inspirational to see how powerful sustainability has become for MCI India, from offering advanced strategic services to their clients through to engaging and inspiring talents with an astounding volume of community initiatives. With their 360 approach, they are leaving a tremendous impact on the community, environment and their business.”

Sebastien Tondeur, Chief Executive Officer, MCI, commented “Year on year, the applications for the prize continue to get stronger and even more impressive, it makes me deeply proud to see how our offices are living the MCI philosophy to the full.”

Follow our blog to stay updated on our sustainability initiatives.

Launched in 2008, the MCI Sustainability Awards recognise the actions and initiatives of our most committed, sustainable and innovative offices, truly demonstrating MCI’s strategic value proposition. The offices were measured based on the extent to which they have successfully integrated sustainability throughout their business, focusing on aspects such as governance, event operations, office management, sales efforts and community action. Offices that demonstrate outstanding creativity and innovation were also awarded additional ‘X-factor’ points.

Author: MCI India Live

MCI India is part of the MCI Group, the world’s leading provider of strategic engagement and activation solutions and a key driver of innovation in the international meetings, events, association and congress industries. With offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru, MCI India activates brands, enhances organizational performance, builds communities and drives business results through creative live experiences, digitization, content and communication services and strategic planning. Combining local knowledge with expertise from MCI’s 1,650 experts in 60 cities and 31 countries, MCI India helps local, regional and global companies and associations to unlock their potential and deliver real change. Find out more at

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